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Titanium Micro Individual Needles








Product Description+


·      Green Leaf derma roller is the best roller in terms of high quality TITANIUM needle, better handle grip, and eye catching handle.


·      The best thing about this roller it has a medical grade TITANIUM needle, which can long last as compared to a stainless steel needle.


·      This advanced derma roller micro needling is a therapy that stimulates the healing process to produce new collagen by up to 400% and elastin skin.


·       it also reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, skin discoloration, and cellulite reduction.


·      It is a natural repair process to help you achieve a tighter beautiful, vibrant skin and younger-looking appearance by removing dead skin cells.


·      Our Derma roller is designed uniquely with Golden titanium micro-needles that roll painlessly over the skin scalp and penetrate the skin upper surface. 


·      WE are guarantee 100% satisfaction with the quality of DERMA ROLLER. 

How to use Derma Roller for Hair loss:

1. Wet the hair before using the roller on the scalp. This will help prevent hair from getting tangled in the roller.

2. Start using the front scalp roller on or near the hairline and move it down the back of the head (only treat the hair loss area).

3. Focus on one part of the scalp at a time and roll each area 10-15 times. You can do this by scrolling horizontally, vertically and diagonally in three ways

4. Roll in one direction only when the needle is in contact with the scalp (do not move back and forth), and try to roll from the root to the ends. This will prevent any hair from getting stuck by the needle.

5. Repeat this process until you have covered all areas that need treatment.

6. Perform minoxidil/hair loss treatment on the treated area and massage gently to the scalp

You only need to apply moderate pressure. Rolling too hard will not give you better results and may cause skin irritation, scratches and/or pin marks.

Our derma roller has a titanium needle which means that it has 70% more uses compared to stainless steel need. 

This derma roller can also used to grow beard. 

Packaging :

  1.     Titanium Needle Derma Roller
  2.     Storage case for Derma Roller
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